Mysteries Of Mexico

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    Most travelers' perceptions of Mexico extend to coastal hotspots such as Baja, Cancun and Acapulco, and also to the border towns of Tijuana, Nogales and Matamoros. Although certainly worthy of visiting, there is so much more that this country can offer to the adventurous ecotourist.

    Over the next few months, we will be sharing information about the undiscovered "Mysteries of Mexico," culminating in the 6th annual Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo in Mexico City from June 3-5, 2004. Following the Expo, which will highlight the country's various destinations, a number of FAM and media trips will take place, allowing tour operators and media to experience Mexico's mysteries first-hand. Invitations are forthcoming to attend these FAM/Media trips.

    Mexico is a land of extremes - from tropical rainforests to vast deserts, tropical beaches to snow-covered volcanoes. United with a multitude of indigenous cultures, archaeological masterpieces, a rich history (and even pre-history), and quaint villages, Mexico is a perfect destination for today's adventure and ecotourist. A plethora of airline providers, tour operators, transportation options (including buses and trains), and an upgraded national highway system facilitate movement around the country's 760,000 square miles.

    Considered part of North America, Mexico is divided into 31 states and the Distrito Federal, which consists primarily of the sprawling capital of Mexico City. Yet, despite having one of the largest cities on earth, the country remains one of the three richest nations on earth in terms of the variety of plants and animals. The desert tortoise, more than 300 cacti species and agave (used to make tequila) inhabit the northern scrublands and desert, while blue whales and the world's second-longest barrier reef highlight the country's 6,250 miles of coastline. More than half the country is at least 3,200 feet above sea level, in all types of climate zones. Rainforests in the southeast are rich in exotic wildlife such as parrots, jaguars, and quetzals, which were honored by the Mayan people.

    Mayans aren't the only indigenous people of Mexico. Some 53 Indian language groups exist throughout the country, mainly in the south, but some large groups - notably the Tarahumara, Yaqui and Mayo are found in the north. The Tarahumara, found around the Copper Canyon region, are renowned for a game called rarajipari, which can last for several days! Unfortunately, many of the country's tribes have abandoned their traditional dress and customs, so the opportunity to see people still living as they have done for generations is an honor.

    Some of Mexico's most fascinating treasures are its amazing archaeological sites scattered around the country. Located just 30 miles outside of Mexico City, Teotihuacán was once the most powerful city of the New World, built more than 2000 years ago! Palenque is found in southern Mexico, it's temples rising mysteriously out of the jungles. And in the north, ancient cave paintings in Baja California may date from 1200 BC.

    Add grand cities, beautiful cathedrals, interesting customs such as the Day of the Dead and Semana Santa, and unbelievable authentic Mexican food - mix that with the friendly and hospitable Mexican people - and you now have a world-class destination for adventure and nature tourists alike.

    Let the fiesta begin … the Mysteries of Mexico await you.

    Wendy Hesketh
    President, Tradex Exposiciones Internacionales
    Vice President Special Projects, AMTAVE (Asociacion Mexicana de Turismo de Aventura y Ecoturismo)

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