More than What You’ve Read in the Papers

Venezuela ... inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mysterious "Lost World;" home to the tallest waterfall in the world – the majestic Angel Falls; home to 40 percent of South America's bird species; home to 43 protected National Parks; home to 31 indigenous tribes ... it's definitely more than you've read about in the papers.

Venezuela is poised for true growth as a natural eco-destination, and we want to share its intimate secrets with you. These “Views from Venezuela” capture the unique destinations, native peoples and abundant wildlife that make up this promising paradise.

Originally created for the 2003 and 2005 Venezuelan Expoecoturismos, these Views continue to provide valuable information on this amazing destination, so we hope you enjoy your travels within these pages. Use the tabs at right to direct your visit.

Views from Venezuela

  • Angel Falls
  • Canaima National Park
  • Los Roques
  • Los Llanos
  • Bird Diversity
  • Orinoco Flow
  • Henri Pittier National Park
  • Amazing Andes
  • We Are All Americans
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    I have visited many destinations throughout North and South America, and I find Venezuela one of the most fascinating places in the world. Maybe it is the wildlife, or the vast beauty. Or maybe it is the friendly and interesting people both indigenous and otherwise who are so willing to share their country with outsiders. Regardless, I find myself longing to go back constantly, and hope to do so with my family soon to show them this natural paradise.

    To maintain these lands and their people, I have joined the board of a new cultural nonprofit organization called Angel Conservation, whose mission is to create, develop, document, support and work with programs / projects that conserve and preserve the cultures of indigenous peoples, native floral / fauna species and the natural environments that gave them life. Our goals are achieved by working shoulder to shoulder with the indigenous people and with national and international cultural and environmental specialists, institutions and organizations, to provide the resources and programs for education, research and the restoration of cultures and lands. I'm proud to say that our first project is working with the Pemon people of Venezuela's Canaima National Park.

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    We look forward to seeing you in Venezuela!

    Jeremy Garrett
    NaTour Communications

    All photos Angel-Eco Tours, except top middle photo Karen Angel.

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